Our Story

How it all started...

Worship Citizens was birthed from a place of desire and wanting more coming from a place that was full of diversity and full of God.
we saw there was a need past the most segregated time of the week and looked at presence and prayer and God moving and calling on Him and saw the need we needed. A sound that would call heaven to collide with us. Birthing the simple truth of His gospel and time to move closer to Him. A place where titles and weight is dropped to get into His presence.
this is the moment we want to and are creating prayer, worship, word to meet in His presence for everyone that wants to see the Face of Jesus and worship the father in Spirit and in Truth.
Diversity in unity through worship and His presence.

Kingdom Over Castle. 

Expanding the vision...

We are expanding in the areas of staff and territory

Location and HQ (SWFL) Training and Meetings
Meeting place and Conference center
100 plus nights of worship across the nation
10 Jesus Cities
Missions Trips URBAN & ABROAD
Planting ministries and churches
Funding for more souls
Impact ministry and feeding / Outreach

Where we are headed...

God has an amazing future for us we are headed into impact and His presence 
Discipleship and impact 
Collide Tuesday Night 7 pm gathering  ONLINE AND IN PERSON
* Tours of nights of worship word and God's presence
* Conferences ( ROAR Conference (Leaders)  / Women of Influence  (Women's) / Anthem Conference (Young)
* Intern program (Discipleship Leader program, 12 Universiti that is hands on ministry and development as well as growing spiritually and as a leader.
* impacting hundreds of thousands of lives in worship and online ministry
* Online TV PROGRAMS / show casts.
over 100,000 souls impacted 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Tuesday as we gather to worship together a 7:00 pm.
Monday to Friday 12 for Lunch Worship/Word and impact
online Bible Studies