Winnie is amazing fun-loving, powerful and called to see the generation in Africa won to Christ!
After being part of Women of Influence Ministry for two years, even through Covid she has remain consistent. Her faithfulness, call,  anointing  and her ability to lead this generation. Well change hundreds of thousands of lives. God is impacting it such a powerful way in Africa. The Uganda area has the effects poverty but also the effects of greatness.
Women of influence is thriving in this young generation in Africa.
And the gospel has been prepared and spoken but now it is time to send not just prayers but finances.

Winnie works a job provides for her family and also over sees our Africa Uganda ministry area.  As you will read below her efforts continue to go forward for Jesus for kingdom impact. It is not about the finances is about the people. People that are needing the gospel.
The money that we are raising for our missionaries gives them not just a sense of reality of what is possible but is overcoming the impossible. by us doing  what Christ gives us the ability to do!
Do you know you will see what it takes to run events Impact and more!
This minimal amount of finances in our world to live give someone the unimaginable to impact and change lives for Christ be a part of this mission be a part of changing lives for the gospel!
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10,000.00 Per Year

 Living and ministry and full time employment @ Worship Citi and Women of Influence .
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